Wonderfully Imagined Designed Engineered

Welcome to the world of WalkAround® Mascots



Proprietary polyurethane-coated nylon invented for WalkArounds… outstanding strength, wear, mildew/UV-resistance, super easy to keep clean


sophisticated technologies and proprietary methodology + materials and human performance testing at commercial and university labs


free cleanings, up to twice a year, for life – a symbol of absolute dedication to providing not just the best products, but the best product experience


WalkAround costumes utilize unique, high airflow designs which provide increased wearer comfort and better aesthetics


comfortable to wear, accommodate a huge range of wearer sizes, small shipping size, never need dry-cleaned, well suited for first-timers and pros


a phenomenally talented and versatile team with truly sensational creativity, strong respect for budgets, and absolute dedication to deadlines

Getting Started...


1. Contact. Tell us about your project, ask us questions about possibilities and general costs, or just let us spend a few minutes explaining what we do.

2. Preliminary Design. If you wish to move forward, we’re happy to provide preliminary sketches, collect feedback, and ultimately create a final design.

3. Quote. With an approved design, you’ll be provided a Quote and Ship Date – there’s no cost or obligation through this point.


4. Design & Production. Our processes, equipment, and even our building, were purpose-built for excellence in rendering design into product.

5. Testing and Shipping. All mascots are well-tested and shipped out on time or sooner (shipping is free for our customers in the contiguous U.S.).

6. Maintenance & Care. WalkAround mascots require minimal effort to maintain – to help, we offer you free cleanings, up to twice a year, forever.