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San Antonio Spurs Mascot holding a huge Texas Flag

Signs & Shapes has expertise in a broad range of custom sewn items, light displays, huge flags and crowd banners, and other awesome, uncategorizable specialty products.

Our ability to execute special designs stems from our experience, creativity, and specific manufacturing competencies. Our primary focus is – always – on excellence and we take great pride in delivering very high quality products, even on seemingly impossible deadlines.

In addition to our lightweight custom spirit flags for pro sports, college, and high school, we specialize in projects with one or more of the following design criteria: large-scale, specialty materials, creative design, or application-specific engineering. And, again, everything we create is of exceptional quality.

We keep diverse materials on-hand and have an excellent network of vendors. The exacting patterning and sewing methods we’ve developed and our highly skilled design/build team are perfectly suited to a variety of unique custom projects.