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Flexible. Fantastic. Fun.

Signs & Shapes provides all levels of support for a broad range of events. Clients can choose from an a la carte offering including warehousing, shipping and logistics, staffing, event management, and creative services. As in everything we do, service reins all.
We draw from an internal database of over 4,000 event staffers around the country — developed to address shortcomings in common labor staffing services: dependability, presentability, and enthusiasm.

Labor Management, Made Easy


WalkAround mascots are at the core of our management programs – and nobody in the world is as qualified as we are to clean, service, advise, and troubleshoot these costumes. We’re also excellent at handling a range of other promotional materials.

Labor Quality

For events requiring labor: Look no further. We felt so strongly about the importance of dependable, presentable, enthusiastic labor that we built our own internal database – now over 4,000 strong. Our broad staffing capabilities include everything except for unkempt, unenthusiastic, and undependable workers.


We have developed an exhaustive audit system (pre-event, during event, and post-event) for making sure everything goes exactly like it’s supposed to. On the rare occasion it doesn’t -we have a 99.1% success rate- we go all hands on deck to identify the problem and create a solution as quickly and aptly as possible.
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We have organized professional performers for 7th inning stretch performances at Major League Baseball Parks, region-wide retail appearances in coordination with Autism support and research groups, and also done run-of-the-mill logistics, storage, and shipping for costumes, literature, and promotional displays.


We have deep experience providing event management and consulting across a broad range of events – including thousands of Walmart stores, to on-field entertainment at professional sporting events, work with military exchanges and commissaries (both domestically and abroad), civic and community events, and more.


We have a sincere interest in maintaining excellence in every facet of your event in which we can be involved. Our personnel and procedures are focused on accommodating customer needs – and the “unusual” is actually pretty usual for us.