Wonderfully imagined, incredibly engineered

Absolutely fantastic mascots

  • Materials: proprietary polyurethane-coated nylon invented for WalkArounds… outstanding strength, wear, mildew/UV-resistance, super easy to keep clean

    Design: a phenomenally talented and versatile team with truly sensational creativity, strong respect for budgets, and absolute dedication to deadlines

    Function: WalkAround costumes utilize unique, high airflow designs which provide increased wearer comfort and better aesthetics

    Engineering: sophisticated technologies and proprietary methodology + materials and human performance testing at commercial and university labs

    Service: free cleanings, up to twice a year, for life – a symbol of absolute dedication to providing not just the best products, but the best product experience

    Utility: comfortable to wear, accommodate a huge range of wearer sizes, small shipping size, never need dry-cleaned, well suited for first-timers and pros

    Fun: loads of it!