Delicious Results…

  • You need a fantastic-looking costume with the same quality as the top pro sports teams and amusement parks in the world – but you also need something that fits the realities of promotion in the restaurant business.

    Our food-related mascots look great, but are also easy to use, keep clean, ship and store, and come with free cleanings for life.

  • Buy a Mascot

    Get a fantastic mascot to brand your restaurant(s), build store traffic, and create a fun atmosphere.

    Fuddruckers Mascot

  • Rent a Mascot

    $380 gets you a great mascot for a weekend, all shipping included!

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    Mini Pizza

  • Signs & Special Projects

    Have a unique idea?  We have unique capabilities.


Advantages of a WalkAround costume…

    • Quality

      The impression your mascot makes carries over to your food – high quality, clean, fun mascots send the right message. Most others don’t.

    • Durability

      Our proprietary WalkAround fabric is super strong and has a unique polyurethane coating – designed to protect the fabric and keep it clean.

    • Wearing them

      WalkAround costumes bring in 100 cubic feet of fresh air every minute, making them more comfortable to wear. Their unique design means most costumes will accommodate wearers from 5-feet tall to 6’4′.

    • Transport

      WalkArounds come in a convenient shipping/storage container. The small size makes them simple to drive between stores and affordable to ship across the country.

    • Fun

      Costumes should be fun, not boring, creepy, or pitiful.

    • Cleaning

      WalkAround mascots never need dry-cleaning or laundered if properly cared for. They feature a unique polyurethane coating to keep them clean. Plus, we offer to clean them for free (up to twice a year) for as long as you own them. We’re probably your only vendor to offer that, right?

… the Mascot is doing great. The response from the customers was fantastic, more than I expected. We use him on special occasions so that he does not wear out his welcome. I will remember your company for any future endeavors. Thank you kindly…

NatashaMario’s Pizzeria Limited