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  • Tournaments, Birthday Parties, League Events, School Promotions, Parades, Community Events, and more – accomplish your branding, entertainment, and marketing goals with a WalkAround Mascot!

    One of our bowling costumes can be for you. Rent one for $380 (including pre-paid roundtrip shipping) or buy one for non-stop fun.

WalkAround Bowling Mascots Provide…

    • Quality

      WalkAround costumes offer bowling alleys world class representation of their brands.

    • Fun

      WalkArounds are fun.

    • Ease of Use

      The costumes can be worn by a wide range of wearers – and produce 100 cubic feet a minute of fresh air, to keep wearers comfortable.

    • Ease of Transport

      WalkArounds include a convenient shipping/storage case which fits into the trunk or back seat of the smallest cars we’ve ever seen.

    • Uniqueness

      For Bowling Alleys priding themselves on standing apart, WalkArounds make the perfect partner.

    • Value

      WalkAround bowling mascots typically cost around $3,900 (including all equipment, shipping, and free cleanings – up to twice a year – for life). This usually amortizes out to a cost of around $400 a year.

I’d like to alert all BPAA centers that they are under-staffed by not having a Signs & Shapes walking Bowling Pin. We have been a customer for the past 10+ years and continue to use “Mr. Pin and Mrs. Pin” weekly. We use them for every children’s party. They are rented out for Corporate functions – the rate is $300. Mr. Pin walks in every parade, appears at little league opening day, he bowls at halftime at Cal basketball games – it’s amazing to see 7,000 spectators watching this pin BOWL on the basketball court – WOW.

There are so many ways to make money from renting out Mr. Pin — WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? My sincere thanks to Dee Ann and her entire staff. You have made magic for hundreds of children 🙂

John TierneyAlbany Bowl