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    We provide custom fabrication, creative collaboration, logistics planning, and pretty much whatever else you want, when you want it. Our custom inflatable costumes and other designs are just what you had in mind: cool.


Any design, any size, anywhere in the world – if you need awesome mascots, we’re it.

Mascot Rent

Inflatable and Sewn

  • We specialize in projects which demand creativity, in design and execution, and in settings where quality matters…

    If it needs to be big, weird, awesome, fun, different, or completed ridiculously fast – we’re probably your best bet for getting it done right, and on time.

    Give us a call at the earliest concept stages or once you have blueprints and PMS swatches in hand.

  • InflatableBillboardDesign


Signs & Shapes has designed and produced a broad range of custom light displays. We provide regional rentals of our oscillating 4-head 4K Skytracker searchlights. In recent years we have developed a striking line of internally-lit inflatables.

White Sphere Lighted

Staffing and logistics

Signs & Shapes has developed an internal database of over 4,000 responsible contract event laborers across the U.S. This workforce is experienced and uniquely suited to performances in air-inflated WalkAround mascots – but also capable staffing and managing a range of event responsibilities. We maintain over a 99% success rate with our events – the dependability, presentability, and enthusiasm of our labor is unique in the industry.

Chester Walmart Event

… looks awesome! And from what I’ve heard, it went over really well with our client too. Thanks so much for all the hard work on this crazy, time crunched project!