• Autism Research

    We have worked with our sister company, The Prevention Group, to produce not only cutting edge scholarly research on employment, but real-world, paycheck-in-hand, sustainable marketing programs with national retailers. It’s pretty exciting stuff – give us a call to find out more.

    World-class photographer Andrew Hetherington captured portraits of some program participants in conjunction with a feature in WIRED magazine.

Journal Articles

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Conference Presentations

  • Allen, K. D., Burke, R. B., Bowen, S. L., & Vatland, C. (2013, August). iPad-based video modeling across settings for employment-age individuals with autism. Symposium accepted for presentation at the American Psychological Association annual convention, Honolulu.
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The Prevention Group

The Prevention Group is a research collaborative developing and testing meaningful interventions for school, home, and work environments. Project funding has come through Federal and State Grants, through an excellent partnership with the Autism Action Partnership, and through self-funding projects with corporate partners.

Current Interests

The Prevention Group developed VideoTote software as part of a Small Business Innovation Research grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. The VideoTote software is an iPad App that allows job coaches, employers, parents, teachers, and other users the opportunity to create and view self- or other-modeling videos for the instruction of social, employment, educational, and life skills. The app can be used for both video modeling and video prompting, on the job, at home, and in the classroom.

Getting to Work…

  • We are happy to have provided paychecks to at least 83 individuals with Autism – including 74 of whom were earning their first paycheck. We’ve had fantastic experiences working with this population, and are always looking for corporate or community partners to help us expand these opportunities.

Today, as A— went to school, he was singing. He only sings when he is very happy. The effect of being Chester is going on today, as I know it will for days and weeks to come. A—, the boy who could not make and keep friends throughout grade school, who was shunned by neighborhood kids due to being “different”, and not like anyone of his peers who are driving or dating, is “cool,” in the current term of his peer group. He was the center of attention without his weaknesses being exposed. He was greeted with joy and admiration by all ages.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for employing our son for 12 hours on three days. You will never know the power of those 12 hours and the impact they have had on him and our family.

Mother of program participantKansas, USA