High School

High School

  • Entertain

    Bring professional-level sports entertainment to your High School games.

  • Outreach

    Grow community involvement with grade school visits, civic events, and fundraising – call and ask how.

  • Involve

    Provide opportunities for students to be involved with their school.

    • Longer Lasting

      Many High Schools use their WalkAround mascots for eight years or longer, making them an affordable year-over-year investment.

    • Fun for Everyone

      Most air-inflated WalkAround mascots fit wearers from 5′ tall to 6’4″, so nearly all students are eligible.

    • Sanitation

      WalkAround mascots surround users with continuous fresh air. They don’t require dry-cleaning and can be more sanitary than traditional options.

    • Quality

      WalkAround mascots are built well enough to be used by most of the biggest sports franchises in the country – but they’re a great fit for High Schools, too!

    • Enthusiasm

      Awesome WalkAround mascots get crowds excited, excited crowds help home teams win!

    • Mascots for Free!

      High schools are getting high-quality WalkAround mascots with grants and sponsors – ask us how.

  • Signs & Shapes line of super lightweight spirit flags and banners are used by sports teams throughout the professional sports leagues – but are affordable for your High School. Hi-tech fabrics and technical aluminum poles make our HUGE Flags highly visible and easy to handle.

    Any size, shape, design imaginable. Our 10’x15′ flag weighs about 3 lbs. – including the pole!

  • flag


I am so impressed by the durability of the shape. It has held up perfectly day after day with the advanced tricks and appearances we have put it through. Our mascot has made our school the talk of the town. Maverick the Mustang was worth every cent. I recommend your company to everyone who is interested in a new mascot, and I would gladly do business with you again!

Brian Franca, Cheer Coordinator/Business Teacher Ralston Valley High School, Arvada, CO