Cold Air Couture

  • Materials. Our polyurethane-coated nylon is the most fantastic and versatile inflatable fabric on the face of the planet, and at the core of 99% of our inflatable projects. Our fabric is more than twice as strong as industry standard inflatable fabrics – it also has superior hydrostatic properties and is formulated to be easy to clean. We also excel in sourcing unique, perfect-fit components and materials for creative applications.

    Design. We thrive on delivering astounding results for challenging projects requiring high technical skill, intense creative capabilities, or solving confounding logistics. We bring a freshness to inflatable design. Even “normal” projects are treated to clever innovation, looking and working better than anything ever produced before.

  • Experience. We’ve collaborated on projects in 73 countries, including foreign governments, Broadway shows, and the world’s biggest amusement parks. Our work has also been used in vehicle accident simulation and space materials testing at the North Pole. We are thoroughly versed in the collaborative dynamics of entertainment, sports, corporate, and government teams at all levels and highly adaptable to evolving project demands.

    Engineering. We have developed (and tested) highly sophisticated structural and windload computer models – providing truly exceptional design input and validation while advancing operational safety. We also concentrate intensely on “product experience,” with an obsessive focus on ease-of-use, reliability, durability, and simplified logistics.