Care & Maintenance

For Care and Maintenance of Your WalkAround® Mascot…

Mascot Maintenance and Care can be a breeze, just follow these simple instructions!

  • Keep it clean: Make an effort not to get your mascot dirty in the first place. The polyurethane-coated nylon is highly forgiving and long-lasting. However, taking just a little bit of care will help you keep it looking great for a long time. Avoid putting stickers on the costume, and don’t draw on them with Sharpies (yes that happens).

    Keep it dry: Water won’t hurt your costume, but being stored wet can. If your costume is at all wet, from perspiration or outside moisture, do not pack it up – leave it unzipped and let it dry out fully.

    Batteries: Follow battery instructions and do not run batteries past listed run times. Make sure they are charged at least three times a year, even if not used. Only place one battery on a charger at one time.

    Cleaning: A rag just wet with water, or mild soap and water, will take off most stains. Be careful around areas that are painted or printed, including window screens. Isopropyl alcohol can be used if you are extremely careful to keep it away from painted or printed areas and rub gently.

  • TallDinoCostume

Free Cleanings: Sending in your costume periodically for free cleanings extends its life and makes mascot maintenance easy. The costume undergoes careful cleaning and is placed on an inflation system for at least 24 hours, which allows the fabric to breathe. Questions: If you have any questions for the care or maintenance of your costume, give us a call. Each costume is unique – older costumes are made with earlier generations of our fabric (some nearly 20-years old). We are always more than happy to discuss what’s best for your unique situation.

Click here for more information on free mascot cleanings.